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Scan music with our highly acclaimed music scanning software SharpEye
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2 September 2010

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Are you a music lover who loves to make their own music and copy notations on paper even while on the move? When you create the music through such notations it takes a lot of you time to copy them to the software on your system. But you would be glad after you try SharpEye 2.68. The software has the capability to scan the notations from the printed sheet or a scanned sheet. It creates music file in formats like MIDI, NIFF and MusicXML file. It also works as an editor that indicates the music errors and also warns the user about the bar that is not making any musical sense. Now you can create music anywhere you are and need not take much stress while generating live music from notations that you prepared.

The utility has a simple feel and it can be easily operated by anyone. The software supports scanning through the scanners that are TWAIN compatible, as most of the scanners are. To start the conversion from the printed notes to live music you need to have the image file dragged into the Window and then click on the button for Conversion. You would see the Output as the conventional music notations in other window. When you have performed the conversion then you can save the output file with the supported format; MIDI, NIFF or XML. You can Zoom In/Out the notations and make the corrections easily. The software Editing the Image and Music as required to make the correction in the music Notes. It shows warning for the bar that is not making any musical sense at the place. It performs the work of spell checker and draws your attention to the errors. You can make the desired changes with the Options relating to the program and access information relating to the program with the help of the Help option.

SharpEye 2.68 helps you to generate music even from the hand written notations to form live music without performing any manual work to putting each notation in the program. Rated with 4 points the software gives you the liberty to form music anywhere and have it converted on your system in a hassle free manner.

Publisher's description

Scan music with our highly acclaimed music scanning software SharpEye. You can use SharpEye to scan and convert printed sheet music into a music notation file or a MIDI file which can then be imported into a music notation program or MIDI sequencer. This process is called music OCR by analogy with the more common text OCR. SharpEye 2 outputs MIDI, NIFF and MusicXML files which can be opened by various music notation and sequencing programs including MagicScore, Finale, Sibelius and Cubase.
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Version 2.68
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Very good sheet music scanning software! I think the best for this price.
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